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If pictures say a 1000 words, then we better make them count. Lets face it, our customers are distracted. You have mere seconds to engage them before they move on and it’s those critacal moments where we excel. Our corporate video productions are engauging, artifully produced works that allow you to tell your story within the medium of video production.

From 4k to VR. From Script to Screen. Argus HD supports YOUR vision. 

The SECRETS to our Productions


Argus HD knows how to tell a passionate story. We listen to WHOM you want to deliver your story to. We then advise, based on our experience and proven trends, the best way to bring to life  your vision. 

Visual Story Tellers


ARGUS HD started because of a cause. We believe Hollywood style productions shouldn’t be only available for those limited few. And we believe that talented story tellers should be accessible for your productions.  Our relationships include working with cinematic directors to camera operators for major professional sports teams. ARGUS HD came about to bridge this divide. Connecting you with top talent, to deliver an amazing production



Our industry is going through a major disruption. And we love it! Tools and equipment are becoming far superior while becoming smaller, lighter and more cost effective. Argus HD team attends the latest conference, researches the latest trends, to prepare and deliver the WOW factor to our clients. Our goal is to be a hologram first production company. Until we get there,  you can count on us for amazing 3D, VR, 360, or good-ole fashion, HD content.

Whether it’s a sales video or commercial, interview or marketing ads

Argus HD’s team brings over 16 years of experience to your project. We can customize final delivery for TV, Web or conferences.

Let’s tell a story together. 

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