Google I/O 2016: Event Recap & Summary Video

Google I/O 2016: Event Recap & Summary Video 2017-04-19T17:14:27+00:00

Project Description

Client: Google

Google I/O is the company’s biggest event of the year, lasting several days and hosting several thousand Google developers from all around the world. Far more than a tech conference, I/O is a festival of color and fun, and Google hired Argus to capture the feeling within the span of a two-minute video. Following several weeks of pre-production, in which the Argus team worked closely with representatives from Google to determine the best and most efficient way of shooting the event, the video was shot over the course of three hectic days. The shoot required the use of two cameras, and several rigs that allowed us to put dynamic motion into the action.

Features: Highlights, B-Roll, Editing, Time-lapse

Project Details