Golden State Warriors: Media & Players Day

Golden State Warriors: Media & Players Day 2017-07-01T00:34:56+00:00

Project Description

Client: Golden State Warriors

Set to embark on their championship season, the Golden State Warriors open their doors to fans and the media, and Argus HD was there to capture all the fun. 10,000 tuned in lived. ~500,000 viewed the stream within the first 2 hours! Our largest online audience yet.

Argus HD’s coverage began with a live show hosted by broadcasters Tim Roye and Bob Fitzgerald, in which they discussed the Warriors’ upcoming season, interviewed players and coaches, and interacted with the thousands of watching fans. In addition to the two studio cameras and one high camera to capture the entire scene, Argus provided a roaming camera that was able to poke around all of the events and goings-on in the gym during the broadcast. The next day, as the Warriors formally opened their training camp, Argus set up a studio outside the gym. From there, the analysis and interviews continued, but the roaming camera stayed in the gym to take a peek at what the Warriors were doing to open their season. You can catch some of the highlights from both days in the video above.

Features: Event Coverage, Live Streaming

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