The hotel’s perfect, the grand ballroom meets your expectations, your attendees will love your venue choice. At this point, the venue manager will offer audio/video services from their “exclusive in-house A/V company.” This is where you say NO THANKS! Why? We’ll explain below and this quick read can save you big bucks!

Did you know?

Corporate meetings and events come alive with Argus HD.

From meeting rooms to ballrooms.

Argus HD provides full Audio/Video services for your event, including high-quality sound systems, lights, and projection, all installed and operated by a trained, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. From boardroom meeting to large conference, hotels to private venues, we will excel in bringing it to life.

If you received a quote from an in-house provider, like these listed, call us right away.

In House 100%

THE SECRET of In-House AUDIO & VISUAL companies



Almost every large hotel gets kickbacks from their preferred A/V companies. Often times you’ll pay 50% to 100% more! Some hotels have contracts to say you must use their “preferred” in-house A/V company. Don’t be fooled; this is easily negotiated away simply by asking. Hotels make most of their money by booking spaces and catering, and want to keep you happy.  Tell them you have an A/V company that you’re happy with.


Argus HD does not pay any commission; we’ll pass those savings back to you.



Many in-house companies hire technicians new to the industry. With big hearts & eager passions, they will learn on your event, even though you’re paying top dollar. They often time lack show experience, and because of low wages, in-house turn over is often times very high.


Our technicians have real world experience. Our techs have 5, 10, 15+ years in the field. From networks to major conventions, our teams experience is second to none. And we deliver this up to 50% less than hotel A/V prices!



For the price you’ll pay, there is no guarantee that the expensive, “preferred” A/V company will be using the newest or most premiere equipment in the field. We, sadly, see  in-house companies use equipment more than a decade old, despite charging market rates.


With Argus HD, we only bring out the best. We’re up front and honest. The equipment we’ll be using will be high quality  while still saving you money.

Argus HD can work in any hotel!

We can beat in-house quotes by up to 50%!

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