One of the best perks about working in video production is the wide variety of places jobs can take you. From conferences with thousands of people discussing the future of artificial intelligence, to one-on-one interviews with some of the most interesting people in the world, but famous to the unknown, to standing on the field during the World Series, the list of events a video producer might bear witness to is long indeed.

Argus HD was tasked with live streaming an innovative new concept: WatchWith, which worked liked this.

A new episode would air on Discovery channel. The talent has never seen this episode. After carefully timing our live stream to their national broadcast, because they played back from two different sources we would triangulate for a Youtube delay (an unpredictable and variable delay, ranging from 10 secs to 70secs). Using propretery methods, we would cut  the delay to mere seconds, often times within 1 second. This would allow the talent to share behind the scene stories perfectly in sync to what the viewer was watching. This provides a richer and deeper context, ask & answer twitter questions from the audience (watching live), and, during commercial breaks offer innovative games and prizes (all picked through social media). These prizes were picked from the show airing live.

No editing. No second takes. All live!


Below, from #mythbusters live, from Argus HD, the top San Francisco live webcasting production company, we hope you enjoy an abridged reel. For any questions or production inquiries, please feel free to contact our team,